Award Categories

1) Best Asian Utility Week Startup – based on the presentation at the event

This category is open to any company incorporated for less than 5 years that is involved with energy or water services with relevance to utilities, vendors and customers. Priority will be given to businesses that are based around digital strategies as this fits best with our expo themes.

2) Best Digital Transformation

This category is focused on the digital projects developed by utilities either on the enterprise side or customer side. This is a general category that can include digital metering, IoT platforms, business intelligence programs or anything with a digital theme that serves to transform the utility business.

3) Best Customer Experience

This category is focused on showcasing successful projects that improve the customers’ experience of utility service. It includes digital strategies but also includes other service strategies that not only help customers enjoy their utilities services, but also creates more loyal and profitable customers.

4) Best Energy Efficiency Solution for C&I Customers

This category is focused on energy efficiency services offered by utilities, ESCOs or other parties for the benefit of the commercial and industrial customer market. This includes all types of energy efficiency strategies including solar and storage, district cooling systems and DSM programs.

5) Best Utility New Business Strategy

This category is focused on identifying innovative unregulated profit opportunities developed by utilities. It includes new relatively untested opportunities to offer creative electricity pricing and home-service businesses tied to energy, and new service offers to the C&I and wider utility market.

Awards Submission deadline: 20 June 2018

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