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Asian Power & Energy Innovation Awards

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Asian Power & Energy Innovation Awards celebrates successful innovators across the Asian energy sector. The Awards recognise excellence on the part of those planning and implementing projects that significantly improve business practices across the key themes of our expo series.

Benefits of Nominating

Award winners get bragging rights for 12 months. You can feature the Award on your marketing collateral. This is especially useful to vendors entering new markets. But it’s also valuable to utilities and IPP who seek recognition for developing new valued programs. We encourage lots of nominations from the market. This can be from vendors, utilities, IPPs, C&I customers or indeed any group that has developed successful technology and business innovations.

You can nominate your own business and you can nominate a project across a number of categories. The only requirement is that the project be based in the Asian region. 

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The award categories are deliberately broad to capture a wide variety of projects. Interpret them as you see fit with a focus on projects that are ‘best of breed’ by virtue of their value to the stakeholders and industry. We acknowledge that most of the categories will involve digital strategies. There are normally many partners involved in energy projects so list those who are relevant to your project.

Here are the award categories:

Initiate Innovation
This category is reflected in our startup stream and covers all energy categories from renewables to smart meter analytics.

Renewable Energy
These concerns developing any renewable energy project from roof top solar to biogas projects. This may include C&I projects.

Transmission & Distribution Networks & Field Operations
This concerns grid edge innovations, smart substations, microgrids, field service management etc.

Customer Services & Retail Processes
This concerns smart meters, energy efficiency, customer apps, CRM platforms, C&I programs, EV Charging etc.

Interested in sponsoring the award category?

If your company would like to sponsor one of the award categories and introduce the category winners, then contact us right away to discuss award sponsorship opportunities.



The nominations will be shared with our judges who will rate them based on the factors below. We collect the judges’ feedback to find the winner. We aim to ensure fairness in this process by finding neutral judges sourced from different backgrounds with insights on the technical process.

Please restrict your nomination write up to no more than 3 pages. You are welcome to include pictures or URL links for more details. Please DO NOT leave your nomination to the last minute - ideally submit no later than 4 weeks before the event. The judges need time to review all the nominations and we need to ensure that the winners are in attendance at the event.

The judges will consider factors such as:

  • How innovative is the project compared with existing strategies?
  • How valuable is the outcome to the utility, its partners and customers?
  • Is it project market proven yet or still being tested or in planning stage?
  • Will it solve an important problem that will help the energy industry?
  • How difficult was it from a technical or industry change perspective?

Please address the following questions within your emailed Nomination:

  1. Which Award Category are you nominating for? Select ONE from the Award Category list above
  2. What is the name of the nominated project or projects?
  3. If applicable, who is the utility, IPP or the customer?
  4. What vendors if any are involved with this project?
  5. What is the name and title of the responsible utility manager?
  6. What is the name and title of the nominator?
  7. Describe the main purpose of the project/s (200 words)
  8. Describe what the project/s achieved (200 words)
  9. Describe what is innovative about the project (200 words)
  10. Describe why the project/s should win e.g. The customer outcomes or bottom line achievements (200 words)



Award nomination submission is now closed. If you have any enquiries about the awards, drop us an email at infoasia@clarionevents.com



The judges will read the nominations which are made available to them from folders within a Drop Box account. After reading the nominations, the judges rate them from 1 to 10 where 10 is best.

We then collect each judge’s feedback and count up the numbers to get a winner and 2 runners up for each category which are profiled during the Awards ceremony.

We then invite the winners to join us on stage to receive the trophy and get their photo taken. They are welcome to say a few words. 


  • 12,000
  • 450
  • 2,000
  • 350