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Exhibitor Press Releases

  • The TESLA forecasting group have been a global industry leader in accurate energy forecasts for over a quarter of a century, with over 100 clients spanning across Europe, America and Asia Pacific.

  • INHEMETER became a member of the board of directors of the STS (Standard transfer specification) association. The Standard Transfer Specification (STS) has become recognized as the only globally accep ...
  • TransferFi is creating the world’s first long-range, safe and efficient Wireless Power Network (WPN). It will be used to power Industry 4.0 sensors to reduce wiring complexity and high-power applicati ...
  • 1. Standard (Cylindrical) & Advanced type
        1) Bobbin (1/2AA, AA, A, C, D)
        2) Spiral (C, CC, D, DD)

    2. Pack type
    3. Assembly type
       1) Terminal type
       2) Connector type

  • A fast-growing Swiss technology expert with a 100% annual growth. In Asia, the firm, after starting co-operations with players like Singapore Power, CLP Power Hong Kong, is now present in Singapore.

  • After DEPsys GmbH in Essen (Germany), comes DEPsys Pte Ltd, based in Singapore to meet the needs of APAC Distribution System Operators. At the helm of expansion, Jianjiang PU, an experienced leader

  • How to safely measure and prove your CO2 emission reductions when hosting huge distributed energy production and consumption while ensuring operations within the grid limits? Answer: GEM.


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