3 - 4 September 2019
MITEC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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POWERGEN Asia Programme Highlights

The 3-day POWERGEN Asia programme focuses on optimising power plants and large scale renewable power programs. POWERGEN Asia focuses on helping ASEAN utilities to boost their power generation capacity and operational efficiency. It covers power plant machinery, plant maintenance, fuel sources, renewable plants, energy security strategies, and finance.  

It also covers fossil and renewable based generation strategies including Coal, Natural Gas, Oil, Hydro, Bio Fuels, Waste, Geothermal, Wind and Solar. PGA will bring together key stakeholders from governments, industry and international organisations to discuss how ASEAN can strengthen its engagement with global energy players and develop energy solutions for the region. Click on any topic for further information.


Major Market Trends in the ASEAN

An exploration of  major trends that are shaping  one of, if not THE fastest-growing regional power market in the world

Special Country Market Spotlights

An in-depth look at some of the major growth markets in the APAC

Malaysian Market Focus

Highlighting one of the most advanced markets in the ASEAN and the wider APAC

Key Power Finance Trends

An exploration of the main drivers and constraints that are currently shaping the investment landscape

Latest Financing Options Explored

Project finance is constantly evolving, so find out about the innovative models currently available and how they are being applied

Mitigating Project Risk

Presenting new and original thinking in how to effectively manage risk

Special Panel: Investors'

Leading investors and developers provide insight into the opportunities and challenges in financing  projects

Workshop: Energy Storage Investment Analysis 101

This workshop offers an excellent introduction for anyone interested in or considering investing in
energy storage assets


Growing Importance of Plant Optimisation

Owners, operators and technologists share insight into the vital role optimising plant operationshas in a modern power system

New Thinking in O&M Strategies

Presenting the latest strategies in plant operations and maintenance,  illustrated by real-life examples

Effective Outage Management

Exploring different approaches to effectively manage both planned and unplanned plant outages

Modernisation Projects:

Highlighting innovative projects, whether retrofit or refurb, that have given a new lease of life to gas-based plants

Modernisation Projects:

Showcasing novel projects, whether retrofit or refurb, that have given a new lease of life to coal-based plants

Novel Upgrade & Refurb Technology

Showcasing the latest advances in upgrade and refurbishment technology

Advanced Control Tech & Systems

Presenting the technology and systems that are providing state-of-the-art plant control

State-of-the-Art Monitoring, Diagnostics & Analytics

Exploring the latest advances in plant monitoring, diagnostics and analytics



Major Drivers of Renewables in the ASEAN

Capacity additions of renewables are outstripping any other in Southeast Asia. Find out about the key drivers behind this phenomenal growth

Renewable Energy Project Planning

Renewable-based projects can present unique challenges, so examples of how good planning can help to mitigate those are showcased

Financing Renewable Energy Projects

Examining how to improve the bankability of  renewables-based projects

Renewables Energy Success Stories

Showcasing innovative and successful renewable energy projects from around the world

Special Panel: What's Next for the ASEAN Renewables Market?

Experts indulge in bluesky thinking  to discuss the "next big things" in renewables

Tech & Project Update: BIOENERGY

Highlighting regional bioenergy development opportunties, new projects and technology advances

Tech & Projects Update: HYDRO

Highlighting regional hydro development opportunties, new projects and technology advances

Tech & Projects Update:

Highlighting regional wind development opportunties, new projects and technology advances

Tech & Projects Update:

Highlighting regional  waste-to-energy (WtE) development opportunities, new projects and technology advances


Next-Generation Power Plant Technologies

Showcasing innovative technologies that will enable conventional generation to continue to have a role well into the 21st century

Pioneering Gas-Based Projects

Highlighting projects from across the globe that are evolving gas-based generation

Pioneering Coal-Based Projects

Showcasing projects from around the world that are lowering coal-based generation's carbon footprint

Future-Proofing Conventional Generation

A discussion of how conventional fuels can remain part of the generation mix over the coming years as we shift towards a greener, lower-carbon  future

Panel: Decentralisation of Generation

An exploration of the growing trend of the decentralisation of conventional power and why it's vitally important in APAC

Engine & IGT Tech Updates

Showcasing innovative developments in engine and industrial gas turbine (IGT) technologies

Innovative C&I Generation Projects

Exploring important non-solar projects in the high-energy commercial and industrial spac

Emissions Control Tech

An update on the latest developments in controlling and managing plant emissions

Emissions Control Projects

Highlighting innovative
emissions control projects
from around  the world


Digitalisation Success Stories

Showcasing some of thegeneration sector's best digital plant implementations

Experience of the
Digital Twin

End users share their 'digital twin' experiences and how it led to improved  plant performance

Plant Digitalisation Tech Update

Showcasing the latest available digital plant technology and software

Emerging Digital Tech

An exploration of the exciting digital technologies on the horizon

Plant Digitalisation: How to Avoid Being Left Behind

The digital transformation of the generation sector is happening, so find out everything you need to know to ensure you have the right digital strategy

AI, IoT & Blockchain in the Generation Sector

Exploring how these three digital innovations are benefiting the generation sector

Intelligent Data Management

Data generation is at an all-time high levels, so find out how to effectively handle and manage it

Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know & Do

Having a cybersecurity strategy is essential. Find out everything you need to know to put one in place

Cybersecurity Solutions
in Action

Highlighting  cybersecurity implementation projects from around the world

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