3 - 4 September 2019
MITEC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Hero Subpage

SolarVision Programme Highlights

The 3-day SolarVision programme focuses on promoting deep solar power penetration within Malaysia and ASEAN. It showcases integrated solar and storage solutions with relevance to urban and rural setting – both grid connected and islanded. Investment, innovation and integration are key requirements to boost the solar industry and we have developed a conference programme and C&I buyers programme that support building profitable industry partnerships.  We uncover the key drivers for fast tracking the solar market to C&I buyers – with forums to share insights across the key stakeholder groups. Click on any topic for further information.




Malaysia's Ambitious Solar Drive

Solar development is a fundamental part of Malaysia's renewable energy ambitions Here, a deep dive into its progress is conducted, along with updates from a policy and regulatory perspective.

Utility-Scale Solar Projects Update

Focusing on larger-scale projects and exploring the benefits they can bring to a generation portfolio.

Energy Storage in Action

It is almost unthinkable to have solar without energy storage. Here we examine arguably the most exciting field in the solar sector.

Appeal of Floating PV in APAC

With interest in floating PV increasing globally, we do a deep dive to understand its appeal and also showcase some of the most ambitious floating solar projects in APAC.

Solar Financing: Busting the Myths

Securing finance for a small-scale solar project can be difficult, but it's not impossible. Here, different financing models are examined.

Solar for C&I Consumers

The utilization of solar in the Commercial & Industrial Consumer space is growing in popularity. Here, a selection of innovative projects is showcased.

Microgrids in the Urban Environment

Microgrids are of growing importance in APAC. Here, several microgrid projects and associated innovations are highlighted.

Microgrids: Bringing Power to Remote Areas

With ASEAN home to two of the biggest Island Nations – Indonesia and Philippines, we explore how microgrids could play a vital role in bringing clean and reliable electricity to their whole population, even those in the most remote locations.

Pioneering Developers of Solar PV

Southeast Asia has an enormous solar potential. Here, some of the most innovative PV projects in the region are presented.

Latest Solar PV Tech.

With photovoltaics continuing to dominate solar technology developments, what new innovations are in the pipeline?

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